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Christmas Tree Ornament "Ulu" - with Blushed Ivory Pom-pom

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The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived. Decorate your Christmas tree with all the warmth and love with this Bali X Cali Christmas tree ornaments collections, guaranteed to create a unique statement to your holiday decor.

These Atta/ Rattan ornaments are made by artisans in Lombok island, using locally harvested Atta/ Rattan materials from the island.

Available in 4 uniques pieces: Mata (round shape), Ulu (half circle shape), Gerhana (donut/eclipse shape), and Kota (square shape).

• Diameter: around 2.2 inches
• Pom-pom size: around 1 inch
• Pom-pom material: soft wool
• Shape: Half-Circle/ Ulu
• Set of 3